The Osmonds奧斯蒙兄妹The Osmonds奧斯蒙兄妹屹立流行音樂舞台達半世紀之久,是當代流行樂壇中組團歷史最悠久的合唱團,同時也是音樂史上唯一能夠跟以麥可傑克森為首的傑克森家族合唱團(The Jackson 5)相抗衡的家族合唱團。他們在1972年一年內拿到11張金唱片,打破先前由披頭四所保持的一年內拿到金唱片居酒屋銷售認證總數的紀錄,他們的暢銷曲,電視綜藝節目「青春樂」與世界巡迴演唱會帶給全球樂迷難以忘懷的歡樂時光。Love Me For A Reason Girl when you hold meHow you control meYou bend and you fold meAny way you pleaseIt must be easy for youTo love the things that you doBut just a pastime 酒肉朋友for youI could never beAnd I never know, girlIf I should stay or goCos the games that you playAre driving me away...Don't love me for fun, girlLet me be the one, girlLove Me For a ReasonLet the reason be loveDon't love me for fun, girlLet me be the one, girlLove Me For a 褐藻醣膠ReasonLet the reason be loveKisses and caressesAre only minor tests, babeOf love turned to stressesBetween a woman and a manSo if love everlastingIsn't what you're askingI'll have to pass, girlI'm proud to take a standI can't continue guessingBecause it's 保濕面膜only messingWith my pride, and my mindSo write down this time to timeCHORUSI'm just a little old-fashionedIt takes more than a physical attractionMy initial reaction isHoney give me a loveNot a fascimile ofCHORUSto fade以上歌詞轉載均面膜來自 ※ 魔鏡歌詞網 )-----------------------------A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n rollDonny & Marie Osmond(Marty Cooper)I'm a little bit countryAnd I'm a little bit rock 'n rollI'm a little bit of Memphis and NashvilleWith a little bit of 術後面膜Motown in my soulI don't know if it's good or badBut I know I love it soI'm a little bit countryAnd I'm a little bit rock 'n rollHe's a little bit gentleHe's a little bit running wildShe's a little bit of grown womanShe's a little bit of 膠原蛋白jiveDon't know if I'm happy or sadMy music makes me wholeI'm a little bit countryAnd I'm a little bit rock 'n rollI like that peaceful easy feeling of a laid back country songAnd when I sing my rock n' rollI can sing it all night longI love my country with 婚禮顧問all my heart and soulI go out on Saturday night for a little bit of rock 'n rollI know if I'm felling rightNo matter where I goWith little bit of countryAnd a little bit of rock 'n roll以上歌詞轉載來自婚禮佈置 延伸閱讀 經典英文老歌歐 美 天 王歐 美 天 后感人肺腑的英文歌曲經典英文電影主題曲喜歡的歐美天團喜歡的歐美抒情歌曲喜歡的鄉村歌曲典藏西洋音樂

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